‌Costumization for Companies - authenton#1

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JavaCard-OS 3.0.5 and Global Platform 2.3.1
authenton #1 is designed on JavaCard-OS 3.0.5 and GlobalPlatform 2.3.1.    
Both are highly trusted and approved by 20+ Billions of SIMs, National eIDs,
biometric Passports, MasterCards + VISA Cards as well as certified signature cards etc..

authenton #1’s high-performance JavaCard Virtual Machine has undergone extensive testing and
security validations and is FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria (CC) EAL5+ certification-ready

The authenton #1 Security Key
is designed for customization!
We offer industry + government customers to host additional customized, secure applications,
on top of the pre-installed, certified Fido 2.1 application for secure WebAuthentication.
Examples are: e-Payment, Secure e-Identification & e-Authentication, eIDAS compliant e-Signature, encrypted Emailing,  
Secure Physical Access and many others…..
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